Exploring the universe of Electinion one story at a time.


A young girl is possessed by a demonic entity after a radical brain augmentation.

Computer Virus Possession Memories +7
The Heavens Day Cult

Lured into an online cult that promises to help her communicate with her deceased father, Alexei finds herself facing her demons while becoming one herself.

The MESH Substance-C Neuro Mesh +5
The ZombAI Virus

This collection of stories explores humanities fight against the ZombAI Virus.

ZombAI Virus
Bleedback Issue 1 Redo

Early attempts to control the ZombAI virus.

Robots Andrei Angela +18

In a post apocalyptic setting a young woman finds herself stranded on a densely populated island whose inhabitants are very hostile to strangers.

Refugee Manhattan Sophia +3
Long Path To Revenge

Saul protects a child with extraordinary powers while being hunted by one of the world's most powerful men.

Precog Drone RobAI +7
Bleedback Comic Book

Andrei tries to keep his daughter on the right Life Path while hiding her from his dark past and her connection to a neurological disease that is spreading around the world alongside a global revolutionary movement.

Bleedback Definition Robots Andrei +13
ZombAI Virus Game

A strategy horror game where you play as an alien entity with the objective of discretely capturing humans and transforming them into your slaves with the goal of taking over the entire human species.

ZombAI Virus Possession