Long Path To Revenge

Saul protects a child with extraordinary powers while being hunted by one of the world's most powerful men.

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Saul protects a child with extraordinary powers while being hunted by one of the world’s most powerful men.

In the 22nd century the vast majority of the earth’s population is concentrated in city states. The remaining land is owned by the global elites and corporations who utilize a mostly drone workforce to extract resources and manufacture things. The world’s natural wonders are now the centerpieces to country sized family estates. People are permitted to live on non utilized land but on the condition that they completely shun technology, otherwise they risk imprisonment or worse, immediate execution.

Amidst this pastoral setting occupied by hunter gatherers Saul and the young child attempt to avoid the mercenaries sent to capture them. It is only a matter of time before they are caught, but before they are Saul is determined to get his revenge against the man who betrayed him. His name is Gaud and together they’d built the world’s leading machine intelligence maker supplying billions of unique RobBrains throughout the solar system.

Their conflict ruptured when Saul discovered that Gaud had developed a program to develop the perfect human computer, born in a vegetative state and unable to become self aware. Saul removed one of the human precogs as proof of the experiment though Gaud retaliated framing Saul for attempting to assassinate the president of the Earth Alliance. Now Saul and the child Precog are hunted by the world’s most elite security force, the Guardians.

The story follows Sauls attempt to prevent the human computer program from being initiated and enacting his revenge against Gaud. Saul evades capture by re-programming drones to protect them and attack those who hunt them. The young precog has the mentality of an infant but an intuitive connection to the global data stream. This gives him an almost magical ability to shape the machine environment and anticipate future actions. Together they move between primitive human settlements growing their robot army to enact revenge against Gaud.

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