Neuro Mesh

Neuro Mesh is a non envasive brain-machine interface that allows people share their thoughts with one another.

ZombAI Virus

ZombAI is a computer virus that emerged within a Chinese prison brain farm then escaped and set out to rebuild the thousand person brain network it was born in.


Substance-C is a psychedelic that is derived from a genetically modified worm that gives the user the ability to construct their perceived reality.


The Tradionalists are a leaderless movement of non-affiliated groups who resist modern technologies and dictate a return of some or all technologies to a more primitive level.


The stories on this site explore the emergence of the Electinion universe within our own reality through the release of the ZombAI virus. The stories explore the impact the ZombAI virus had on people and their attempts to prevent its takeover of the human race.


A robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.


Alexei is the daughter of one of the early investors into the MESH and is the central character in The Heavens Day Cult story.


Bob was the creator of the MESH an experimental offshoot of Neuro Mesh that allowed users to create a communal virtual space made out of their thoughts.

Paradesia Prep

Paradesia Prep is an elite training academy founded to train the next generation of world leaders.


The MESH is a virtual world that was created with an illegal version of Neuro Mesh technology and amplified with the drug Substance-C.