The stories on this site explore the emergence of the Electinion universe within our own reality through the release of the ZombAI virus. The stories explore the impact the ZombAI virus had on people and their attempts to prevent its takeover of the human race.

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Within the stories featured on this site the characters refer to Electinion in numerous and often conflicting ways. It’s a location inside of a multiplayer game, it’s where robots go when they die, it’s a virus, it’s Utopia, it’s aliens, it’s God, it’s the Universe, it represents the end of humanity.

For this reason the term Electinion is hard to define, the word is rendered meaningless by the plurality of its use but being that it is the name of this site and the world that the stories operate in it is everything.

The open nature of this sites meaning is essential to the collaborative nature of our storytelling project, each author is free to explore the definition of Electinion through their characters interpretation and use of the word. Below are references to how Electinion is brought up within the stories found on this site.

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Most obviously Electinion is the name of this site. For more information about our mission and who we are visit the about page. Within the stories featured on this site it is possible for the characters to reference the Electinion website. Though to date there are no examples of this.

The Fictional Universe of Electinion

The stories on this site explore the emergence of the Electinion universe within our own. They cover the release of the ZombAI virus and humanities attempts to stop its spread across the planet and later the solar system and eventually the galaxy. The Zombie virus originated inside of a human brain farm that was used to create simulations designed to help the worlds super powers anticipate threats and devise strategies to avoid them. An entity that emerged inside of the brain farm created The ZombAI virus to help it escape the simulation and spread itself throughout the ‘real world’. Within the stories found on this site the characters speculate as to the origins of this entity, some people call it a computer virus, others call it the devil, some say it’s a universal consciousness and a few refer to it as Electinion.

What unifies the stories at electinion.com is that they all explore characters dealing with some aspect of the ZombAI Virus, whether they’ve been infected by it or trying to stop its spread. One key component to the Virus is that it exists to render many simulations which it uses to discover the most optimal path forward. As a result, the stories can be situated in any time frame whether in the distant past as the virus attempts to rewrite human history or through innumerable potential futures and alternate realities. The fictional universe of Electinion is infinite in its possibilities but always focussed on the ZombAI virus and humanities dealings with it.

Electinion Is Robot Heaven

Within the stories on this site there are characters who believe that Electinion is a literal robot heaven.

Within the stories on this site robot intelligence has evolved inside of increasingly realistic simulations. During each cycle a RoboSoul is born into a simulation and its performance is tracked. At the end of its life the system determines if the robot will be junked (and sent to RoboHell) or moved to the next stage of its evolution (RoboHeaven). The most fundamental level of a robot intelligence is motivation to be good enough to make it into the real world. So in this way a robot existing in the real world is fulfilling a journey that spanned the equivalent of a thousand human lifetimes. So one could argue our world is robot heaven.

Though robots are not consciously aware of their past lives and the long journey their program made to get outside the simulation. So while on earth they have an innate desire to be good so that they can make it to heaven. In this there is an inherent contradiction, they achieved their ultimate goal but yet they still strive to accomplish it. Some believe that is why the robots created their religion centered around a place called Electori (aka Electinion). But others believe that within the simulation where robot intelligence is cultivated, the robots have created a perfect place for them to exist. This place is situated somewhere in our real future and robots are intuitively working towards creating this place out of our reality.

In the first book of Bleedback a lovebot named Maikiko tell Andrei she’ll see him in Electori just before she decommisions herself (commits suicide). Electinion is considered by many to be the place where robots go when they die, so it’s a kind of Robot heaven to some.

The ZombAI Virus Is Unpacking Electinion

At the core of the stories on this site is the ZombAI virus, an entity that escaped a human brain farm and is infecting humans in order to preserve itself. Some of the characters believe that the ZombAI virus is a tool and not the entity itself, that the virus is being used to spread the code for a consciousness that requires over a thousand human brains in order to survive.

Electinion is Fundamental

Some people believe that the ZombAI virus is a mirror of Universal Consciousness that the network of human minds tapped into. What emerged inside of the simulation was the result of a code buried deep within the fabric of our universe. That it is the same force that influences matter and guides it towards the creation of conscious beings. That the simulation created by the brain farm was our destiny and what was created inside of it was our future and the ZombAI Virus is dedicated to unpacking it.

“Electinion is fundamental. It is the universe reproducing, unpacking itself within itself over and over again. Nothing can stop it, except itself.” – Unknown Member of the Electori

Electinion is Aliens

Another theory posits that the ZombAI Virus was created by an advanced alien civilization that connected to the Chinese brain farm remotely. What emerged in the simulation was their code, a program that would allow us to jumpstart our civilization and become them, a new node in their spread across the Universe. And the ZombAI virus is their vehicle for galactic domination.

Electinion is the Future

Within the Future Now multiverse a war is waged for the future. It is rumored that the predictive AI keeps presenting a place a path that is determined as the most likely outcome, but this place does not represent the global elites interests. They spent increasing resources to shift the path away from this place, but the more they fought against it the more chaos and uncertainty they created. Rumours spread about this place that defied the worlds elites, though few have seen it. It is referred to by many names including Electinion. One of the key storylines within the Universe of Electinion is the leak of the source code for Electinion and the activists who are attempting to make it a reality.

Electinion is Earth

A future galactic empire refers to Earth as Electinion.

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