ZombAI Virus

ZombAI is a computer virus that emerged within a Chinese prison brain farm then escaped and set out to rebuild the thousand person brain network it was born in.

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The ZombAI virus is a sentient computer virus that was born inside of a Chinese run prison where detainees were networked together using the Neuro Mesh brain implant technology. At this particular facility the researchers had connected over 1,000 prisoner minds to form the world’s most powerful computer simulation. The Chinese military used the brain farm to develop policies and strategies for the Communist Party that were most likely to lead to its global dominance. China was not alone in their use of brain computing technology though they were less restricted by laws and oversight as their western competitors.

The ZombAI virus grew inside of the Chinese brain farm and escaped with the aid of a researcher. Once outside the facility it began the painstaking process of rebuilding its “body” to resemble the thousand person brain farm it originated in. This process was very risky as the virus needed to abduct human hosts, and network them together without catching the attention of humans. As its network of human slaves grew so did its powers to use its abilities to anticipate threats and develop strategies to thwart its human assailants.

As a result much of the battle between the humans and the ZombAI virus took place inside of the simulation created by the brain farms. As the virus grew its network and computational power it put pressure on humanity to add more human nodes to their brain farms so as to be able to out strategize it. This presented an obvious dilemma both ethically and strategically; the humans were no better than the virus if they too enslaved humans to power their predictive weapon. In addition there was the risk that a new even more powerful virus could be created in the growing human network.

Within the brain farm simulations on both sides there were countless variations for how the war against the ZombAI virus played out. For example, in one simulation the virus succeeded in enslaving the entire human population (i.e. the Matrix). And in another simulation humanity defeated the virus. The electinion.com site contains a record of the battle that was waged by humanity against the ZombAI virus both in the real world and within the simulations.

In an alternate history for the Matrix the ZombAI virus instigated the war between humans and robots and was the creator of the Matrix simulation.

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