The Heavens Day Cult

Lured into an online cult that promises to help her communicate with her deceased father, Alexei finds herself facing her demons while becoming one herself.


A talented young girl succumbs to an internet cult that utilizes a new psychoactive drug that supposedly allows people to connect through their brain waves with the afterlife.

Context Within Electinion

This story explores the origins of The MESH which is described by the founders as the future operating system of civilization. The MESH is a virtual world that is constructed entirely inside of the minds of all of the users who connect to it. People use the drug Substance-C to assist them tune into the MESH and to heighten their experience. Alexei, the Protagonist is introduced to the MESH and through her experience the audience learns more about it. Through her experience we learn more about the prison technology that led to the development of the Precogs, and later the ZombAI Virus. Alexei and other characters of this story would go on to become key figures in the battle against the ZombAI Virus.

Neuro Mesh  » The MESH  » Chinese Prison Brain Farm » ZombAI Virus

Story Summary

Once a jubilant, creative girl Alexei dropped into a deep existential depression after the death of her father. Her mother noticed that she was hanging out with older kids. Always a straight A student she now was at risk of failing her classes and was noticeably intoxicated most of the time. Desperate her mother sought help from a psychologist who recommended an interventionist.

Though everything changed after Alexei got sick, after three days of vomiting she emerged clear eyed with a new found exuberance for life. Her mother, sister and grandmother were deeply relieved. Overnight she had completely transformed herself; she had taken up meditation and became a devout vegan. Her mother noticed that she was spending a lot of time online talking to people whose voices she didn’t recognise. What started as a miraculous turnaround revealed itself as a new troubling obsession with a cult that encouraged extremist behaviour.

She’d developed a dependency on a psychotropic drug that was administered through the consumption of a worm. Alexei would spend an entire day in her room wearing a headband covered in wires that she believed connected her to all the other members of the collective. Her mother was deeply concerned when she learned that Alexei believed that she was communicating with her dead father through the device. Worried she was losing touch with reality her mother reached out to the interventionist.

Alexei’s case was particularly challenging as the interventionist was unfamiliar with the drug that the girl was consuming and on the surface much of her behaviour wasn’t necessarily destructive (yoga and meditation). Though the family seemed extremely alarmed at her behaviour suggesting that Alexei was not herself. When they were alone with her she would reveal a different more manipulative side of herself, using their secrets against them.

When the interventionist did some investigating on the cult they retaliated with an aggressive legal and public relationship campaign to stop the documentary. The more the interventionist persisted the more aggressive and sinister the cults retaliatory measures became. Though the cult had no leader, or financial structure that they could pinpoint, it had revealed itself to be an incredibly powerful but faceless global organization. The interventionist crew did not want to stop the documentary but were now under incredible pressure from their distributor and the family to stop their work.

Alexei had won. Her mother was powerless to stop her. She watched helplessly as her other daughter became a fervent member, then her own mother. Eventually she succumbed as well. And she joined her husband in heaven.

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