Bleedback Comic Book

Andrei tries to keep his daughter on the right Life Path while hiding her from his dark past and her connection to a neurological disease that is spreading around the world alongside a global revolutionary movement.

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Andrei immigrated to America from Russia after it’s violent collapse and struggles to keep his daughter Angella on the right Life Path.

Protests have erupted around the world over income inequality, police abuse, and government corruption amidst the spread of a deadly neurological disorder known as Neutron Virus.

Angella is increasingly enamoured with the growing protest movement sweeping the globe despite the violent clampdown by the police and the risk of Neutron Virus.

Andrei is most concerned with protecting his daughter from his dark past as a researcher at the Russian Robosoul incubation facility where the Neutron Virus first emerged, and Angella’s connection to the deadly disease’s origins.

Fundamentally Bleedback is a story about the psychological and emotional toil that comes from running away from one’s past misdeeds. After his daughter’s arrest for participating in the global revolutionary movement Andrei is deported back to the Siberian containment zone where he will face a collapsed society that he is in part responsible for.

Ultimately Andrei is motivated to find a way to free his daughter who is incarcerated in the Southern Districts, but first he must survive.

On his journey Andrei will be confronted with his past, his role in the creation of Neutron Virus which led to his wife’s death and the collapse of a once thriving New Russia.

Andrei will be compelled to travel back into WOMB the state of the art robot incubation facility where he headed the advanced research department. The facility has been on strict quarantine since Neutron Disease first spread across Russia decimating the country. The world’s elites want access to the powerful force that remains frozen in time inside of WOMB and Andrei may be the last person on earth who could get the facility up and running. To get the facility operational, Andrei will need to enter it’s simulation and relive the destruction of everything he once cared for.


We self-published the first two issues in 2014 & 2016. Though production of the third book was delayed as a result of personal issues. In 2018, after a long hiatus, the creators decided to officially put the project on hold. Since then Bleedback has influenced a number of spin-off series that are in various stages of development today including the ZombAI Virus, Future Now and a brand new telling of the story, Bleedback v2.


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Relationship to the Electinion Multiverse

Bleedback was our first attempt at creating a story set within the Electinion Multiverse and contains references to some of it’s key world building elements.

Bleedback Definition

Bleedback is defined as a feedback loop through time where the effects on society are cataclysmic. The terms use grew more widespread alongside the creation of the Global Mind Projects predictive simulation technology. It entered the popular consciousness after Future Now brought predictive simulation technology to the masses through it’s Life Path personal management software. Some examples of it’s use includes;

Bleedback could be used to describe the impact poor policy decisions could have in the future. “We’re going to get some major bleedback if we don’t correct this mortgage bubble.”

Also, the term bleedback is sometimes used to describe the cataclysmic effects of a fictional universe on the real world. For example, “we had a major case of bleedback after criminals stole 10% of Virtuo Systems ingame currency sending shockwaves through the real world stock market.” Or, “the Southern Districts news media bubble is bleeding back into countries around the world causing unrest and mayhem from their Traditionalist supporters.”

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