A young girl is possessed by a demonic entity after a radical brain augmentation.

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In this story a mother betrays her beliefs in order to save her daughter, then must deal with the disastrous (and demonic) side effects. Her daughter is possessed by a demonic entity after a radical brain augmentation procedure. dAImon is a cyberpunk possession tale that merges the technology of the Ghost in the Shell with the story of the Exorcist all within the setting of the Shining. At its core this is a story about people questioning their own beliefs while confronting trauma in their lives.

The Senator

A wealthy female politician was a fervent opponent of automation and AI, in particular the Neuro Mesh brain augmentation technology. Her supporters celebrated her desire to bring jobs back for flesh and blood Americans and to protect them from the encroachment of foreign technology. In particular she had raised alarm regarding reports the Chinese were using prisoners as guinea pigs for the Neuro Mesh brain implants.

The Accident

Her only child suffered severe brain trauma and the Senator was presented with a procedure that could save her daughters life. The catch was that the procedure was illegal in the United States because of laws she spearheaded and would need to take place using the Chinese prisoner brain farm she had sounded the alarm to. After all other options were exhausted and with pressure from her husband, she relented and they sent their daughter to China to undergo the brain augmentation surgery.

Success & Early Signs of Trauma

Their daughter returned home and after a few weeks she regained consciousness and miraculously appeared to be well. The entire family was ecstatic though the daughter needed months of rehabilitation. During this time the Senators husband was mostly away on business leaving the Senator alone in the family estate with their daughter. The Senator was under immense pressure to get the RobAI Protocol passed. While alone with her daughter the Senator noticed unusual behaviour such as talking to an imaginary friend something that her daughter had never done before.


The Senators own mental health began to deteriorate, possibly as a result of the enormous guilt she felt for betraying the anti-Cyborg movement she spearheaded. At the same time she observed a dramatic increase in her daughters unusual behaviour, it was as if the young girl was possessed. At the Senators request the Chinese brain farm sent a young scientist who was an expert in treating Neuro Mesh complications. Their daughter appeared to recognize the Chinese scientist and somehow knew private information about him. The Senators Daughter attempted to use this information to black mail him so he would discontinue his attempt to heal her.


The first Chinese scientist was unsuccessful and recommended a more senior colleague who had experience exercising malicious AI that had spread through the Chinese brain farm network. By this time the Senator had grown very unstable, she was paranoid that her enemies had infected her daughter with some kind of virus as payback. Both scientists worked together to save the little girl from whatever had infected her. As a last resort the Senior Scientist connected his Neuro Mesh directly to the Senators daughter and combated the virus from within his mind.


The Senior Scientist was successful in exorcising the dAImon from their daughter, though he suffered a massive seizure and was returned back to China. The Senator suffered a nervous breakdown and never fully recovered. After news spread that the Senator had given her daughter brain augmentation surgery the resultant controversy effectively killed her RobAI Protocol legislation.

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